Ding Repair Kits

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Epoxy Solarez Ding Repair All Purpose Quick Fix is a specially formulated U.V. curing resin designed for repairing polyester and epoxy surfboards.
Epoxy Solarez for Ding RepairQuick Fix Instant Ding Repair - Complete KitRepair Tape
High stength, fiber reinforced epoxy resin, with a solar activated catalyst which remains liquid until direct sunlight hits it. Ideal for on the spot repairs. Fast, clear. strong. UV-Cure. Hardens in one minute when exposed to sunlight.UV Curing Resin ding repair kit for Polyester and Epoxy Stand Up Boards.Repair dings instantly! Super-aggressive adhesive repair tape for paddling gear and more. You can remove it without a sticky residue. We sell clear repair tape so that you can use it on any color surface.




1 - 3 of 3 items