Inflatable PFD MTI Fluid Pack
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The Fluid is designed to be the PFD you forget you're wearing. A belt pack PFD offering maximum mobility and freedom for Stand Up Paddlers. Pull the cord and the CO2 cartridge immediately activates, releasing a life jacket from the pouch. Just put it on over your head, it is tethered to the belt pack around your waist so it won't float away. Fold lines on bladder for easy repacking. Includes whistle. Soft polyester shell is soft against the skin, with built-in window to confirm its readiness. GREEN means GO - It's a PFD on demand! This belt pack life jacket with wide and comfortable waistband will never get you hot and sweaty or chafe when you're SUP paddling. Unobtrusive, easy to strap on PFD and Coast Guard approved. You'll find this PFD easy to throw into your stand up paddle board surf bag. Zipper pocket for small items. The jacket inflates with a cartridge when the pull tag is strongly pulled. The Coast Guard now requires life jackets to be attached to the SUP craft or the paddler when on any waters that are NOT surf zones. This life jacket waist pack is what you need for flat water SUP.

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Check out our video about what to look for in a PFD for stand up paddling:
  • Manufacturer: MTI
  • Condition: New

Inflatable Waist Pack PFD - MTI

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